A few weeks ago me and some of the Dutch National Redline Team decided to go to the first ever International race in Korea. The organisation took care for our fly tickets, hotel and food. They also had a lot of pricemoney, so it was very interesting to go there.

On Thursday we flew 15 hours from Amsterdam to Madrid and from Madrid to Seoul “Korea”. Luckily I slept a few hours, but I was still tired when we arrived at the hotel. Anyway, I build up my bike and we did a short recovery ride to the track. When we saw the track everybody was laughing, cause all the jumps we’re pretty small and all the turns we’re flat. Everything was made out of cement, so there was no way anybody could change a thing about it!

Next day we had our First practice and time-trials. It was so funny to ride the track, cause we had to do it like half speed… All the jumps we’re way to small and some of them we’re steep aswell. So I took it easy to not get hured or something. The starting hill was the steepest I’ve ever seen in my life and the gate systeem was older than oldschool haha… Anyway, it had nothing to do with BMX, but we had to deal wit hit. During time-trials I got 2nd place after Strombergs the Olympic Gold Medalist.



Saturday we had to race and there exually we’re a lot of spectators who liked to see us racing, so everybody did the best he can. I easily won my motos and also the semi final. In the main I took the holeshot but didn’t go to the inside, so Strombergs took advantage of that. After turn one I was in second position but I could not make a move for First place, so I rode safely to the finishline.

I’m happy with this 2nd place, but should not let the door open again for someone else…

Everyone had a lot of fun and it was a great experience to be there!

I would like to say thanks to the organisation for this nice event and I’d also like to thanks all my sponsors: NOC*NSF , KNWU, Redline, Rabobank, Shimano, TroyLeeDesigns, Bensink, Sinz, Sun Ringle, Tioga, THE, Geross, Oakley, HVMparts, Leatt Brace, Cock & Balls, Jack Martens Tweewielers, Health Center Nistelrode, Oké Wax, Bouwbedrijf Berghege and all the support at home.

Right now I should be home a few days, but cause of the vulcano problems we’re still in Korea. We maybe can go home by the end of this week, but we probably have to wait till 7 May… Then we’re also having the second round of the UCI BMX Supercross in Kopenhagen, so hopefully we can go home sooner. I’ll keep you up to date about this.