On Saturday my family and me travelled to Haaksbergen for the first National race of the season. It was like back in the days, cause I also slept in our trailer, which was a long time ago. Anyway, we had practice in the afternoon, but it was colder than I expected, so I did a good warm-up session. After that I was able to ride 4 practice laps on the track before time-trials, but that wasn’t enough to feel the track the way I wanted! Some how, I was still the fastest during time-trials and that gave me a good feeling after 4 practice laps!

Sunday = raceday:

Our practice started at 12am, so I did a couple of warming-up laps to feel the track a little more. I had some small problems at the first straight, cause I struggled on the second jump, which was a real technical section. After a few times trying different things I figured out the best way to do it, so I was ready to race. 

After winning all 3 motos, Quarter and Semi Final, I had a lot fun on my Redline Flight bike, cause I was able to put in some style also… During the main event I didn’t had the best start of the day,

but I was in front till Sander hit me from the side and we almost crashed. Luckily I stayed on the bike and continued the race, but I wasn’t leading anymore so I had to chase Jelle who was in front of me.

I rode as fast I could and managed to get next to him in the last turn, but that wasn’t enough. Getting a 2nd place behind my teammate isn’t bad, but I’m not satisfied at all!

Results Elite Men:

1.Jelle v Gorkom

2.Raymon van der Biezen

3.Martijn Jaspers

4.Jordy vd Heijden

5.Frank Heijne

6.Kevin Sprengers

7.Martijn Scherpen

8.Sander Bisseling

I’d like to thanks my team and all my sponsors: NOC*NSF , KNWU, Redline, Rabobank, Shimano, TroyLeeDesigns, Bensink, Sinz, THE, Tioga, HVMparts, Oakley,

Geross, Leatt Brace, Cock & Balls, Jack Martens Tweewielers, Health Center Nistelrode, Oké Wax, and Bouwbedrijf Berghege for there support!

This Wednesday I’m traveling to Seoul “Korea” for a big money race, which will be organized by the Korean Government to promote BMX in there country.