You took a hard digger over there, what exactly happened?

“I was riding the practice for the BMX Games the day before the actual contest. I was having a great time riding with all the boys went down doing a 450 on this dirt hip. I ended up fracturing 3 vertebrae in my neck, one of witch had bone fragments. I also got a a contusion in my lung and was coughing up blood. I ended up staying the night in the hospital and got the pleasure of wearing a neck brace for the next 6 weeks. The crazy thing is the doctor said the fractured vertebrae with the bone fragments was already there! So that means I rode the Redbull Dirtpipe and Cam Whites Jam with a broken neck and had no idea. I go the to doctor tomorrow to see how much longer I have to wear this thing. If everything goes as planned 2 more weeks with it on, some physical therapy then back on the bike!”


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