So i have been slacking for the amount i planned on uploading in the last week or 2. 

Quite a lot has been going on since Florida, other then the usuals of following Super cross, training and eating. I have had Dan Atherton downhill MTB world cup racer. Together we have been training and hitting up the local trails which i didn’t  know about until Dan came and they are pretty sweet the trails over at Bare Cat Rd.  I have attached a small video of them, it not very good quality as it was just of Dans Iphone but you get the idea. 

I have also been out at Oakley a bunch working with Blick and Tom Ritz on design/extending the dirt lab out there we have built an awesome pro rhythm that is pretty technical, which Tom and myself worked on together. Then there is also a nice little B line of table tops for the employes at Oakley to shred on. The best part is it all links in to some big old trails at the bottom. So i have been going back and forward to Oakley trying to get that all finished up and ready for us to ride. In the time i was at Oakley Blick and i did a photo shoot for ESPN magazine so be sure to look for that in the next issue. I also tested the new Oakley 2011 goggle at the shoot and in Phoenix and as always Oakley have pushed the boundaries and made something bigger, better and cooler. The new goggle is a little narrower creating an amazingly larger range of vision, which is a huge plus. Also for BMX/MTB this goggle fits in the helmet like no other so as you can tell i am pretty pumped on the whole thing. 

In the past two weeks i also sign a deal big WATCH company ad sponsor of the UCI Super cross SWATCH watches. So i am really excited to be added to the SWATCH Outlaws pro team and look forward to long and successful future with the great company. For anyone who has not herd much about SWATCH, they are one of the leading WATCH Brands in the world so be sure to check them out and keep your self looking fresh by getting a hold of a SWATCH watch 

After all this exciting stuff thats been happening it was time to go to the races again. On the weekend was rounds 7 and 8 of the ABA BMX pro series in Phoenix AZ, Alise, Dan and Myself all drove over. We rolled in friday for practice which went well. It was good to see Alise’s Mum (MOM) Cheryl again who we stayed with on the weekend. After she decided to come last minute. 

Racing began Saturday morning in what seemed to be a normal dry hot Phoenix day. Things went pretty well for me through out the day i managed to transfer in the main in what was a more stacked Elite field then ever with 55 elite men. Then main in Elite pretty much sums up what the caliber of riders were. Christian Bercerine, Donny Robinson, Khalen Young, Nic Long, Maris Strombergs, Kyle Bennett, Randy Stumpfhauser and myself. I got out good in the main but not quite as good as Christian did from lane one. We went into the turn pretty level, but Christian came out on top I followed him down the 2nd straight and had a run at him through the pro section we drew level and hit in the air which cost me some momentum from there i had to seattle for 2nd. Not only was the elite mens stacked, but it was stacked right across the board in the woman’s and Junior elites. With all the american, south americans and half of europe here it was a big race. 

That 6 am wake up call rolled around quickly again for Sunday. We were expecting showers sunday and we got a light drizzle early but moto 1 was fine. Then by mot 2 the skies opened up and we had a mud race on our hands, 2 minutes before the moto i switch out to the tioga comp X tires and rode that track like it was dry. It got muddier and muddier as the day progressed, but  them comp X treaded tires were hooking up and took me all the way to the main for, were i hole shotted and i won. I was really happy with day and happy that i was able to adjust to the conditions and still come out on top with a win. 

Last week i also did the Tioga Photo shoot i don’t want to say to much because it will be out soon but check out how good looking i will be in 35 years.