-Day started later than normal, they catered to the pros and we got to do all three qualifying rounds during round two

-I had a Powderpuff Party Autograph signing and giveaway to attend for a few hours after I qualified…I would like to shoot out a big thank you to everyone who helped put that on because all I can say is that when I was a little girl I would have killed to have a "party" with all the best girls in BMX like that. It was awesome for Girls BMX.

-We had a break for a while after that to head back to the hotel and get some grub before showtime

-I felt really good in our warm up at night before the races and was excited for our one lap main (I finally got the amateur decision maker dialed and was ready to have some fun

-The night was filled with tons of racing action lead off with an introduction ceremony (much shorter than last year which was both good and bad)

-They added in the Golden crank Awards to the evening rather than hosting them at a hotel before the grands (Only one I can remember is Rookie Pro of the Year was Nic Long)

-In the main, two laps in a row people almost missed their final. First in the NAG 5 boys challenge, Rusty Nesvig came rushing up, followed directly by Caroline Buchanan in our girl’s pro main (we can excuse Caroline since she’s Australian though =] ) 

-I was right next to Caroline in the gate and I let myself get distracted by her late arrival and the whole gate call I was just listening to her heavy breathing and thinking "wow, I better get a good gate because everytime that happens to me I have the biggest adrenaline rush ever"…and wouldn’t you know it, I HIT THE GATE!! pretty hard actually but I still managed to get in to third by the second straight. In the second turn I was setting up to make up some more ground on the decision maker by swinging out wide for a high low, only to be swooped under by Brooke Crain followed by Alaina Henderson, who both to the girls rhythm section straight, forcing me to do the same and run the whole rest of the track wide, and come in for a 4th place finish. Not too pumped on it but what can you do?

-In the men’s, Kyle Bennett killed it and is now in the hunt for the AA title as well….things will get interesting.

Keep posted with me!