The second stop of this year’s Dew Tour series went off this weekend in Portland, Oregon, and a handful of our riders made their way out to compete in the park and dirt competitions.

First up was Brandon Christie who was in the Park Last Chance Qualifier—a second stab at making it on the Tour for the rest of the season. The course was really unique this time around, and with no box jump or spine everyone had to get creative with their lines inside the Portland’s iconic Rose Garden. Brandon had no problem adapting and fired out bangers in every corner. Only the top four riders made the cut to prelims, and unfortunately Brandon didn’t quite get it this time. He still rode awesome though and we are pumped he was able to make it to Portland to throw down in front of the crowd and hang out with everyone.

After the Last Chance Qualifier wrapped up Brandon Dosch rode in Park Prelims, attacking the course with big double whips, stylish 360 variations, and a transfer halfway across the park. As always, Dosch’s racing roots were in full effect as he was one of the fastest guys on the course all day.

Dirt Open Qualifying was next on the agenda for the weekend, and three of our riders were in the mix of an incredibly talented group of athletes trying to make it through to the prelims. Josh Hult, Jared Eberwein, and Hucker Clark were all up to the challenge and did what they had to do in order to secure their respective spots in the next round. With the level of riding at Dew Tour, you know these guys had to give it their all…

Downtown Portland provided a beautiful postcard-like backdrop for the dirt venue. The jumps were super technical and catered to true trails riders, which suited our guys just fine. By the time prelims rolled around everyone had their runs dialed in a bit more and put on a great show. Jared, a Dew Tour rookie opted to ride the right side and threw out double whips and a 720, proving that all that time he spends at his local trails in Riverside, California has been paying off. Hucker stayed on the left side of the jumps and landed his signature nosed-in one-footed 360s, 360 downside whips, and backflip variations. Josh is no stranger to Dew Tour dirt podiums and felt right at home on the jumps. He was able to nail flips, opposite double whips, and 360 double downside whips.

The final event of the weekend is one that Dosch has been waiting for since last October when he won the year-end Dew Cup title in Las Vegas—Dirt Finals. As the overall champion in dirt, Dosch got a by directly into the finals in Portland, which meant he was the very last rider to show everyone what he had been working on in the off-season. Dosch’s three runs all started out with an insane double whip transfer from the right side of the course to the left, then a 360 lookback to get himself back from right to left again, setting himself up for the long and low kicker where he was somehow able to squeezed in a clicked turndown. On the last jump he switched things up and threw out a double whip and a 360 double whip, before finally attempting an opposite 1080. Even though he washed out a bit, the oppo 1080 left everyone speechless, and was one of the biggest tricks of the contest. With the two solid runs under his belt, the combined scores were enough to put him on the podium in third place, which guarantees him a spot in the finals again at the next stop of the Dew Tour.

To say we are proud of how everyone rode this weekend would be an understatement. Check out these photos, and we’ll see you next month in Salt Lake City!