I have been having a bit of an up and down season so far, and I was really looking forward to this race to get some good results!  The trip started out in Phoenix for the winter nationals.   Friday I felt fast in practice but during racing friday night I blew up my back hub in the semi and didn’t end up making the main.  Not the way I wanted to start the weekend!  I got a good dinner in friday night and a new wheel haha.  Saturday morning practice I didn’t feel that good, my gates were inconsistant and I wasn’t feeling very confident.  My motto’s weren’t very good either but I still made it out with a 4-2-3.  My semi was stacked and I ended up getting a 3 in it.  Main time.  This was actually the most confident and calmest I felt all night in the gate, I put all the bad laps behind me and just focused on winning.  I ended up with lane 3 and I had a sub-par gate but got on the cranks to the turn, I was going in a bit behind first but carved low and came out of the turn in first and went on to win.  I was so relieved to finally get the first win of the year, big weight off my shoulders.  Sunday was a mud fest, ended up in motto’s with 2-1-1 picked lane 1 in the main and won.  I am extremely pumped on how the weekend went, considering how it started and I look forward to the first UCI Supercross World Cup event in Madrid, Spain in a few weeks!