Ups and downs for the team today with nearly everyone hitting the deck at some point… First off: A big CONGRATS goes out to the "Hebrew Hammer," Josh Klatman on his first pro win! Way to make it happen! We need a repeat tomorrow! In Elite, the men’s class was stacked deep with 45 of the world’s best in attendance! Sam and Tory rode very strong and made the final, finishing with a 3rd and 5th, respectively. Denzel took a nasty digger in the 3rd round keeping him out of the quarter, and Alise went down with half of the field in the first main, ending her day. On the am’ front, Carly Dyar tried backflipping into turn two in her final but only made it half way around, leaving lots of skin on the track…getting plowed into after the crash didn’t help much either. Rounding out the day, the very gorgeous George Goodall took a big win on the 24" and backed it up with a hard-fought 3rd on the 20", and the ol’ TM himself, Jason Carnes rode in for a 7th in vet pro. Long day today…we’re hoping everyone wakes up in a few short hours feeling revived! See y’all on the gate!


Sunday’s winner of Ladies Pro – Alise Post, leads 2nd place finisher Dominque Daniels. Alise crashed hard in Saturda night’s first main and was limping around the pits – but she said "it didn’t hurt too much pedaling the bike."



In Klatman’s own words:

Phoenix was hot and dry all weekend, great change from the cold wet environment I have been used to for the last few months!


Saturday started out great making it through the rounds, quarters, and semis and had the lane selection for the main event. I chose lane 6 and had a great first lap winning from the outside in the first round, the second round I had lane 1 and bumped with Brandon McCoy in lane 2 and didn’t get back into the mix and finished 7th that lap, then the third round I had gate 4 and had a great start and held the lead all the way to the finish line. Finishing with 9 total points but the math worked out so I got the overall win! First win as an A pro.


Sunday I won every lap going into the main, winning all 3 rounds, my quarter, and my semi. Once again getting first lane selection I chose lane 7 so I could stay away from the dreaded lane 1! First round I had a great holeshot and held the lead all the way around, second round finished second right behind Posey. Then third round came and I had a great gate but didn’t have enough gas to stay in front as Posey slid by in the 4th turn, but I did manage to finish 5th place, good enough to get the overall 2nd for the day!


Had a long, and very tiring weekend and am looking foward to the next National with the Redline Crew!