I am back from Papendal (Nederland). It was the 2nd round of the BMX Supercross series. The track was huge. Everything was big and we had a lot of freaky things. Like the "box jump". We had to jump on a container wich was pretty high. It was not difficult but we lost all the speed for the rest of the track ! A lap was about 40 second, pretty long ! In second straight, we had to transfer jumps. It was funny during practise and TT, but with other guys (during races) it was very bad !

I had a lot of fun during practise because I like "challenge tracks". But it was not a BMX racing track…

On Friday, I won the 1st qualifying run. So I was in the Superfinal. I was happy to win it. I prove to myself that I can be the fastest guy on the track ! But unfortunately, I did mistakes on the Superfinal and finished only 13th !

On saturday, I had bad gate all day long. I qualify in quaters. I tried to make an inside in the first turn. Nic Long crashed just in front of me and I slode just like he did ! I was not hurt and that is cool… A lot of guys had some bad crash on this track !

Next SX will be on London Olympic track. I hope it will be better than Papendal… The next big event will be the Worlds in Copenhagen (July). Before that, I will race the Euro rounds (6 rounds remaning) and the French Nationals. See you soon !