I leave tomorrow for the first round of the UCI Supercross World Cup circuit in Madrid, Spain.  I’m really pumped to say the least. These races are always awesome and I don’t think this one will be any different.  I’ve had a couple weeks off since Phoenix to get some good training in and it’s gone well.  Shout out to my bro Jim Brown who broke his ankle while we were at the OTC in Chula Vista and now can not go to Spain.  He is house sitting my house while I am gone,  so … get well soon, JB.

Our  Canadian national team is now consisting of only three riders due to many injuries. But quite a few of my fellow Redline riders are going, so hopefully we’ll see some Redline Global riders on top!  The weekend after Spain, I am racing the first two Euro rounds in Besancon, France.  I think that will be a good race and great experience, and I am looking forward to that as well.

Tune in for more in the weeks to come.