Today was the first day of the Junior Elite training camp. me, Dom, and Ashley are the juniors but just to add to the slew of us Steph Barragan, Brooke Crain, and Taylor Wolcott are riding with us here as well. it was a good first day. Started riding the track at 9am and everybody went down the hill. I personally didn’t use the case pads for the first straight but it seemed to really help people out with going down the hill. I cleared the first straight pretty good and so did ashley by the end of the session. taylor and brooke got there a little late but were jumping the first straight with the case pads, and dom was going down the hill and workin on gettin over the first one.

the guys did well also. the 42 ft triple step up seems to be a hit…it’s definitely intimidating for the guys but by the end of our SECOND session of the day in the evening i think all of them had hit it. (corben, denzel, jordan, riley, and jared are the juniors…but obviously there’s always a few other guys out here as well.) only one crash today with riley over the men’s pro set but he’s alright so WE ALL GOT THROUGH DAY ONE !! =]

the girls also did a power test today with the new G COG…we got a presentation on it and it seems REALLY cool for training.

anyways, we start at 830 am tomorrow…gonna shred =]