Today we did some time trials. Not so least for me haha. I guess I just choked up because I warmed everything up perfect but then when I went to actually do a timed lap, I bailed off my bike on the second double in one, and then the next lap I didn’t even go for it. Pretty sketchy so I have a lot of work to do there but that’ll come with time. None of us girls had perfect laps so it’s whatever.

The guys had a little bit of a rough time as well but made it through ok. Jared Garcia actually put up a pretty quick lap time, I don’t know if Denzel ended up beating it or not but it was quick.

After that I packed up my stuff, took a group photo, ate lunch, and now am sitting in the airport waiting to head to florida for an nbl race. The rest of the people there are stayin for the weekend I am pretty sure, but me, steph, and dom will all be in florida. (and rumor has it mariana pajon will be there and I haven’t seen her since the worlds so that will be exciting and as always, i am sure it will be an awesome race.) anyways, i will fill ya in on the weekend, i wont get in to florida until late tonight so chat at ya later…