After testing out "Project 79", me and the rest of the Canadian team went to Chula Vista for a week to train and get some time on the SX track there.  Turned out to be awesome.  Ended up setting the fastest time ever recorded on the track, super stoked about that.  It was also great prep for the first World Cup in South Africa in a few weeks.


After our camp in Chula Vista, me and my parents left for Phoenix.  Felt at home there because I had lived there for a month and a half earlier this year.  Felt great on the track, the competition was stacked with almost all the national teams being there.  It felt like a world cup!  Motos were stacked both days.  On Saturday I made it out of motos with 1-1-1 then I won my quarter also.  In the Semi I had lane 1 but I didn’t get out very good and I got shut down on the first straight,  was 3rd to the turn then kept that spot to the finish line.  In the main I had lane 3 and I got out good but Sam came across hard and shut us all down, so I had to battle from 5th.  Down the third straight I moved into 4th then went for an inside pass on Willers in the last corner and bumped him harder than I intended.  He went over the corner and I lost speed and went into some soft stuff and still ended up 5th.  I was really happy with racing but a little bummed about the result.  


Sunday morning I felt great.  I had so much energy in the early morning that people were looking at me funny haha.  Had a great warmup and won all my motos again.  in the quarter I got caught napping on the gate and was 2nd to the corner and ended up 3rd.  In the Semi I had to battle elbows down the first straight and in the first corner but ended up getting a 4th at the line.  (Relieved to make it to the finish line, being in 4th isn’t exactly comfortable).  Ended up in lane 5 in the main and got out good but got cut off down the hill, hung back a bit made a move in the first corner and by the second corner I was in 4th.  Out of the second corner there was a ball up with Sam and Brian up front and I was in 2nd.  Stayed there till the line.  Really happy with the weekend, felt great and to FINALLY get on the podium, is a weight off my shoulders.  Been in some podium spots earlier this year and they didn’t end well, so I’m happy I got on the box finally!


See you in Africa!


TN 49