For any old school BMXers – you may be interested in visiting the all-new and vastly improved OS-BMX site. It has undergone a radical transformation – including the name. OS-BMX, in the form you have known it up to now, will actually never return. 

From now forward, it will be known as

As you can see, they have evolved as a site.   The new site is quite different – from the surface appearance to its name, all the way down to the core infrastructure. Everything has changed.  You’ll find expanded and revamped facilities aimed at increasing the quality of your experience as a site member. 

"The changes are so fundamental and sweeping that it may be quite a shock to some," said Steve Brothers.  "But rest assured that nothing you will see was undertaken without a lot of thought and consideration with regard to the long term community experience. I realize that change can be hard to adjust to at times. Please give it a chance, relax into it… enjoy."

This is a site created with connoisseurs of BMX Culture in mind. It was designed to be the framework upon which our real world community stands. This is the BMX Society.

It will be as great as we make it together. Please be at home and be a part of it.


BMX Society


Redline receomneds you make it one of your new BMX Web destinations!