Rounds 5 and 6 of the ABA pro national series took place in what would normally be hot and sunny Oldsmar FL. However due to some very unlike Florida weather it was between 50’s and 60’s all weekend.

Alise and I arrived after what i though was a long flight until i spoke to Tory who said it took him 15 hours to get down to FL from Vancouver.

Friday morning we met up with Jason (who was looking ultra hot as normal lol), Denzel and Gorgeous George. It was good have big D (Denzel) back at the races after he had been down in Australia for the beginning of the year.

Friday night we had our standard AA pro practice at 5.25. For 25 minutes which use to be great when there was just A pro, AA,Woman and Vets. However now with numbers rapidly growing in AA, A, Vet and woman’s and now adding the Junior development classes with that amount of riders 25 minutes and 3-4 gates just isn’t really enough, but you make do with what you have and try your best to get it all dialed in. I was actually really impressed with the track when we arrived it had a pro section and some deep technical jumps which was good. It made for a fast challenging race.

The pro section as always at ABA races was giving some people trouble as you had to suck up the first one quite a bit. However from my point of view it was fine. So we ended up racing the pro-section Saturday but they canned it for Sunday and made us ride the amateur section for safety (whatever that means).

So Saturday rolled around and i was feeling fresh and ready for a good weekends racing, i past through all motos with 3 wins and moved on to the quarters which i won and then past through semi with out to many issues. It was then main time, it was really good to see the ABA now doing lane choice at these UCI races. Which is what they should have been doing all along. It makes it a lot more fare and rewards those who have done the work and won all day. Unfortunately i had a 3rd in my semi which meant i had 5th lane pick and ended up out in lane 5. The gate was quite slow, however i seemed to be getting out fine all day. I think being on the outside i wanted to get out perfectly so i may have been a little to patient and came out late causing me to do a big wheelie out the gate and be towards the back of the pack into turn one not where i wanted to be. I then try for a high low in turn one and unfortunately came unstuck after clipping Arturs back wheel. So i went down and finished with gravel rash and 8th.

Maris ended up coming from 3rd to pass Christian and Randy down the last straight for the win.

We rush back after racing hoping to get all the recovery done and dinner so Alise and I could get back to the room to watch the Supercross on TV which was on in Indiana unfortunately our hotel didn’t have the SPEED channel so we couldn’t watch it.

That lovely 6am wake up call from the hotel came on Sunday morning and not too long after we were at the track ready to race/half a sleep. Sunday i was feeling i think a lot better then Saturday however my result sheet wasn’t showing this as i kept amking mistakes in the motos and finished up with a 2nd, 5th and 4th. i managed to get it together in the quarters and came in for a win followed by a win in the Semi. Which gave me 2nd lane choice for the main. It pretty crazy to see how open and stacked AA is at the moment when day one’s winner dose not even make the main on day 2.

In the main i lined up in lane 2 next to Randy in lane 1.

Randy and i came out together and for some reason again just like Guthrie we where banging bars by the 2nd crank this costs us quite a bit of momentum and we had to follow Nic Long and Josh Myers into turn one. With not much room for passing around the track we stayed in them positions.

the weekend was a little disappointing for me, however there is always positives to take out training or racing no matter how the session or race went. For me it was that i was feeling capable of winning again and feel on the pace. Its just matter of putting it together now. So lets hope for a good one in Phoenix next weekend.


Some pics of the weekend below Thanks to Jerry Landrum and