Last night around 11pm we arrived at our destination in San Diego…FINALLY! The car ride actually didn’t seem too bad but me and my parents had some funny times in the car. You can tell when people are getting bored…especially Cheryl Post. She started saying all kinds of off the wall things that me and my dad were just rolling in laughter at. She gets in these moods where everyone swears she’s highly intoxicated…but really she hasn’t had a sip of anything. I don’t know what to think, she’s just a crazy cat that mom of mine =] but i love her. My dad’s got a few quirks of his own as well, as anyone who knows him will say. But once again, makes me laugh all the time. I guess nothing seems too bad as long as you’re in good company.

NOTE: Fill up on gas right before crossing the colorado/utah border. There isn’t a road sign, exit, any services, NOTHING for a whole tank of alise post’s sweet ’99 buick regal’s gas. I swear the light came on that we were about to run out of gas and we still had 20 some miles to go before salinas. i guess that SUPERCHARGER in the buick hogs some gas..haha.


Today has been a layed back day at the Olympic Training center since I don’t move in until tomorrow. I figured I would show my dad around a little, and he ended up building my new bike =] yessss.

There were a lot of people here today. The Canadians and a bunch of Americans just getting ready for Chula Vista SX in a few weeks. I am getting really excited for it, and I think everyone else is too. That is going to be a top notch race I think.

I move in to school tomorrow morning and then craziness begins with all of the orientation stuff and what not…and then days later leaving for the NBL Grands and missing my first day of class (haha typical bmxer). But I should be able to keep you well updated on the "NEW LIFE OF ALISE POST".


peace out, wish me luck in my new adventures, and check for pics tomorrow