Today was a little bit slower of a day. We did start a little earlier, around 830 with some group warm up stuff and then began riding the track. before anybody started doing the ramp we were all working the second and third straights. Everything looked to be good, the riding mood was good and Taylor and Brooke started to make attempts at the guys third straight. And then so did Ashley….

Ashley took a hard spill today…got hauled away in an ambulance and everything. She came up short on the mens third straight and just got bucked right over the bars into the next lip. It was pretty scary from my angle because I could see her head and neck and just everything collapse. She was down for a quite a while obviously and it just kinda killed the riding mood. But everybody got back to it eventually and we had another good sesh. We then ate lunch and hit the gym. It was fun training as a group and doing all the plyos and what not…(it’s amazing how much better girls are than guys at some of the stuff that takes body coordination and what not..haha jk guys. =] ) but anyways, after that a bunch of the guys and me and brooke took an ice bath to try and get ready for the night ride but by the time we got back out to the track all suited up…we realized we were really tired and it was REALLY windy. So we didn’t really ride tonight.

Ashley did come back to camp tonight to be my roomie again tonight =] and she is OKAY!! She has a few stitches in her finger and a few other scratches but no concussions or anything serious like that. Thank GOD.

check in tomorrow! ~alise