From my title…you can probably see that I didn’t win. I didn’t get second either. or even third…I actually got 4th, even after lots of energy drinks and sugar filled snacks to wake me up. There really isn’t much to say about the day other than the tired week caught up with me and I had NO energy left today…my batteries were completely flat. I still rode good, just not fast. I am going to try to rest up this week and hit it hard again in North Carlina next weekend for the ABA Redline cup east though. A long three day race weekend with no time for "tiredness".


I still got the NBL overall 2nd for the end of the year title which is cool. Dominique had the overall locked when she made it out of our semis..yes i repeat, ELITE WOMEN HAD SEMIS!


Maris Strombergs didn’t win today either, crashed I think, but still won the overall title. Stumpy won for the day and Becerine got second.


Dale Holmes won the overall in masters, but John purse won for the day, and in superex Josh Meyers won the overall while Matt Kelty took today’s 1st place earnings.


Its back to San Diego tomorrow for me..back to reality. At least I get Labor Day off Monday though before I dive into college classes and homework..thank gosh!


catch up later,