So after Deleware I went and stayed at the DeRosa’s house for a visit. As always their house was super has a sweet pool and hot tub and just I love that place. But anyways, the coolest part of the trip for me was finally getting to go to New York. I have never been there before and have always wanted to so bad.

The day started off with the drive into the city, about an hour and half long, and then we just started walking the streets when we got there. First famous sight scene was Times Square. I have seen that place on tv when the ball drops, in movies, and just everywhere so it was cool to finally SEE it and how busy it is. Next stop was the Rockfeller Center, and the famous christmas tree place and ice skating rink in every movie. And then there was 5th Ave. Good thing the stores were too pricy for me or I would’ve been spending a lot of money haha. We also saw central park, and last but not least wasGround Zero. That was probably my favorite part. Even though I didn’t know anyone involved with 9/11, it was still very emotional to see the site in person. We also saw the empire state building and St. Patrick’s church, which was super cool inside.

Basically, it was a very busy day trying to fit a New York trip into a day visit. The only thing I didn’t physically go out and touch/see was the Statue of Liberty. We decided if we wanted to see everything else we weren’t going to have time for that boat ride and tour out there…so i guess i will just have to go back and see that sometime =] (but I have seen the original statue of liberty in paris. france so does that count?? haha)

Anyways, all of this day was followed by a hectic drive home…don’t EVER take a wrong exit in New Jersey…there’s NO WHERE to turn around, and you have to repay the tolls 45098973405834095 times!!! haha anyways, we made it back to the DeRosa’s to take off at 3am for the Philly airport.