After a huge ball up on thursday and hitting 5 airports before Albuquerque I finally made it to the hotel 14 hours after I woke up.  Got some Olive Garden take out then hit the hay that night.  Woke up friday morning went for a little ride then practiced that evening.  Practice went well and I was feeling good for the weekend.  raced friday night and had some fun, finished 2nd behind Long.  Saturday I woke up ready to go and felt good all day,  got out alright in the main but not good and was third to the corner and it stayed that way all the way to the line.  The track was pretty slick and hard to pass on.  Sunday I decided to race A pro instead of junior,  I like racing some different guys.  Finished motos with 2-1-1, lane 1 in the semi and won it.  Lane 1 in the main and I was going into the turn second and there was some carnage and I came out first and went on for the win.  I am pumped that my first A pro race this year ended up being a win and I ended the weekend off well with 3 podiums!