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A few days ago I found out both of my brothers got to join me, sam and my parents on our trip down to the grands. I got really excited since usually the only time my WHOLE family can get together at the same time is like CHristmas and MAYBE Easter if we’re lucky. Everyone’s schedules are just really busy, and I was just really excited to see that my whole family was going to get to roadtrip together and they were coming to support me. 

The few days I was home already, I did not see my brother Nick even, so picking him up from his house at 5am on our drive to the grands today was the first I have seen of him since around the beginning of the summer…so of course when we all get in the car we’ve got lots of stories and what not to share. However, about 45 minutes or less into our drive, Nick starts repeatedly yelling "DEER, DEER, DEER, DEER, DEER, DEER!!!" to which the rest of us think he is talking about a guy named Derick we’d been talking about in our story. However as I looked up thinking he might have been saying "deer" I realize there is a huge buck running across the road and my dad or mom has clearly not noticed it yet. As expected, our vehicle and the deer collided with a loud THUD in slow motion. I have never been in a car that hit a deer before so it was kind of scary. we were in the far left lane of a 3 lane interstate going around 80mph when we hit the buck, so it wasn’t surprising that the deer flew all the way across the 3 lanes to the other side of the road. Pretty crazy. Of course the only thing the Aussie in the car has to say is "I wish I would’ve been looking up…I’ve only ever hit a ROO before!" haha woooowww….and all of this happened before 6am.

Anyways we of course pulled over shortly after the incident to check out the damage, and found that it was actually not terrible. A headlight was gone and the passenger door was pretty bent up. it could have been a lot worse, and we are all just glad we were able to continue our 12 hour drive to the grands without any troubles with the car. 

I guess nothing can ever be quite normal with my family..but hey, I guess it makes for some good memories/stories. Check out the damage: