It’s been one full week of the final semester of my PTA degree.  Ladies and gentlemen, let me just say – Neurology is amazing and things that the body can do to compensate for neurologic disorders is incredible.  Having said that, let me say that it’s one of the hardest concepts to grasp! 

So whats up in the 2×4’s World?  Well, I decided to bring out the heavy guns for 2010 and have hired Greg Romero to help me take it to the next level.  My goals for 2010 are: be a consistent main maker, improve each score at every race, earn a top 10 number.  My long term goals are to gear up for the 2011 Worlds in Coppenhagen.  I’ll be 40 years young this year, and i want to make both the masters main and 40-44 cruiser main.

Well, I’m inbetween breaks with studying, so I’ve let the brain rest enough. Now it’s back to flash cards and a cup of coffee.

This photo is of Blake who fractured his vertebra back in the summer.  I hooked him up with my jersey and a LEATT neck brace to cheer him up.  Both of us were on the "IR" list when this was taken. The good news is that he’s now back racing and doing great!  …AND wearing the Leatt brace!