Man what a weekend!  I rolled out to Florida last week to get away from home and chase a little sunshine.  I’ve been living it up at the Sawyer compound (track operator at ABA Oldsmar, FL) so I’ve gotta give a big "Thanks" to them for hosting!!  They had plans to head up to McDonough, GA for the NBL race on the weekend so I jumped into the toter-home and went along for the ride.  If you’ve never hung with the Sawyer’s, you’re missing out ’cause they do it first-class!

The weather forecast was calling for 5" of snow Friday but we kept out fingers crossed that they were wrong.  As it turned out, they were short on the prediction and the track got hammered…being from the south that’s how it seemed anyway.  Friday was cancelled altogether.  Saturday morning the track crew came in and squeegeed off the tarps, uncovered the track, and started setting it on fire to dry it out a little.  People were tripping out but it definitely helped!  I hadn’t seen that fire maneuver since the 80’s!  The weather turned out nice and although there were some mushy spots, the track was great, all things considered!  Props to the NBL and McDonough crew for pulling it off smoothly! 

Since it wasn’t a pro-series weekend we ran an elite-open class. It felt good mixing it up with the young guys and I managed a pair of 4th’s.  I WAS in 3rd both days and managed to get passed right at the line.  I guess the old man ran out of pipe!

The motorhome had to get pulled out of the muck Sunday and we high-tailed back to sunny Florida.  It was a great weekend and it was cool to get some tuner-laps in before the big ABA race in Oldsmar this weekend!  Thanks again to the Sawyer’s for putting up with me!  Cheers!

Pics: Sawyer backyard paradise; snowy track; track on fire; new teammate; rock-n-roll toter-home