The first thing I saw getting off the plane in the Fresno airport was a REDLINE bike and FLY helmet in a display case. I said hey check it out mom and we went to look at this display only to find out the NBL put a "welcome to the NBL All American Nationals’ display out. It was pretty cool to see my sponsors in an airport display to start my weekend off…hopefully cool stuff keeps happening all weekend =]

speaking of cool…this track is SIIIIIIIIIIIIICCKKKK!!!!! It starts off with a decent sized steep starting hill and then just gets fast. The whole track is down hill and there are asphalt turns. it’s smoothe as butter and the jumps are almost too small for how fast you’re going. It’s waaay fun to ride though. There’s two straight of decision makers, well one decision maker and one pro section, and both sides are pretty do-able, but the third straight is questionable for a girl. depending on the wind it could be possible. I plan on doing the second straight tomorrow though. It not that big and you’re going super fast to it so i think i should be fine…especially since i was just in denmark racing that SX race.

Besides the track, there are lots of other things to do on a bike in the Fresno Park. There’s some super sweet looking trails that a few of the guys were hitting up after the races. There’s also a few pump tracks, mountain bike courses, and a set of 39 table tops in a row that get bigger as you go. Pretty interesting. I want to go ride this stuff but don’t want to have a pre-race blow out so I refrained lol.

As for the weather…RIDICULOUSLY hot. Coming from Minnesota it’s a big temperature change. Today it was in the 90’s and It could hit the 100’s this weekend. The wind felt good today but come tomorrow I would rather deal with the heat so i can ride the track with no worries.

I will update you on how the weekend is going..check back!