After a good cup of coffee and egg white sandwich, it was off to the office!  2 racks of Elite Masters were on the order for today and boy-o-boy, did the old guys come out to race!  Round 1, me and the current UCI World Champ Tome Opincar diced it out in the last turn and practice our sprints down the last straight.  Tome got me by a knobby.  2nd and 3rd rounds went well and myself and team mate Jason Carnes went to the main.

I was coming out of 7 and I think Jason was in 3.  The gate drop and I did my best stand-wheelie ever!  Nice.  I was able to keep pace and all of the sudden I hear tires locking up and tumbling going on.  I was pushed high, while everyone else was staying low.  I had no choice but to hit the pro section and fell into 4th place.  I tried my best to get to the podium, but just ran out of realestate. 

However, Jason was able to score the win and get Redline to the top of the podium today!  Congrats to Jason and a well ran race! 

The photo below is from Day 1