Day 1 of the NBL Christmas Classic is in the books.  The event is being held in Louisville, KY. this year, which means I get to chill at home and save some cash!!! 

Elite Masters had 2 gates full of old dudes.  I scored a 2-1-4 in the motos and made it into the big dance for the first Elite Masters main!  I was stoked to be in the main with all the big dogs like the 6x Vet Pro Jason Carne$, Albright, Lamoglia, Opincar, Dinger, Moore and my fellow Department of the Navy Veteran Scott Moreland.  I was sandwiched between Domingos and Opincar, so I had my work cut out for me if I wanted to in the game. 

Gate slammed down and I got the pinch.  I held back and was setting up a move to hit the pro side in the second straight and then people got loose and I had to end up missing the carnage and it kind of balled up my speed for the big move.  I pedalled it out and kept going, trying to move up one position, but those guys were GONE!  Out of the last turn, I rail it and end up passing Scott down the last straight.  So score me for the 5, Carne$ for the 4, Dinger 3, Lamoglia 2 and Albright for the 1.

Going to go soak the old bones and get some sleep for another day at the office!