2012 USA BMX Music City Nationals – Elite Men Day 2 from USA BMX on Vimeo.

At the Music City National in Nashville, TN it was Jason Carnes and Factory Team Redline hoping to keep the team’s winning streak going following their double World Championship wins from the previous weekend in Birmingham, England. It was The People’s Champ, Denzel Stein who made the Redline fans go wild. In Saturday’s event, it was Denzel and 2008 Olympic Champion Maris Strombergs in a drag race down the first stretch. Denzel had the inside position but just couldn’t close the deal. But he did finish in a strong second. In Sunday’s race, Denzel came through with the goods. In the first turn it was USA BMX #1 Marc Willers, followed by Denzel, with Strombergs close behind. Willers went down while in the lead and that’s all Denzel needed. He took off like a stung cat and Maris just couldn’t match the speed. With this great weekend, Denzel moves into fourth place overall in the USA BMX overall standings.