After the Euro champs, Sebastian and the national team flew to Copenhagen and prepared for the Worlds at the Supercross track there in Denmark. Then it was off to Pietermaritzburg.

The days of practice went very well together with the timetrail qualification. Come race day, Sebastian was in the first moto, which usually is a very hard moto at the Worlds (due to top qualifiers from the TT, mixed in with the middle finishers).   And this year was no different.

Sebastian rode very well and even holeshotted everybody in the first round. He easily qualified for the quarter finals. But only minutes before the quarter final, Sebastian had a flat tire on his Redline Flight bike, and had to rush to the pits and swapped to his spare bike. As it is a major UCi event, Sebastian brings two identical Redline bikes for situations like this. The only thing was — he got to his spare bike only to find his "B" bike also had a flat!  What are the odds?

On top of this, the race organizer rushed the situation even more as they had live TV waiting. All alone, Sebastian had to make a decision and pumped up the race bike again to 6 bars pressure and crossed his fingers in the gate that it would hold. By the time he crossed over the finish line, his tire pressure had dropped to 3.5 bars…

From an outside lane, a stressed Sebastian had a great start and was in 3rd out of first turn, but then threw it away choosing the wrong line into turn two. Down the third straight, he got passed and wasn’t able to move on to the semi finals.

On TV it looked like Sebastian had one of his best days on the track this year, so it`s a shame that maybe a situation like that ruined his chances.

Sebastian is managed by Geir Smeby in Sponsorgruppen Norge.