I am now back from the UCI Worlds in South Africa.

It was a great World Championship, with a massive SX track, good weather, and a lot of people. Overall, it was a good show!  I felt good on my Redline Flight bike, but the track was so long that it was not easy to be fast and smooth; especially on the second part of it ! 

This year – we had Time Trials for the first time ever at the Worlds; like at the SX races.

I did a big mistake during my TT run, in the 3rd straight. I was not fast in that rythym section, yet I still managed to finish 12th overall.

Then I did 4-4-2 in 1/8 finals and was confident for the quaters. Unfortunately I didn’t make the good choices during this race. I was 4th in the 1st straight and decided to go into the inside of the first turn, so I lost my speed and jumped to high on the pro section. Due to that decision, Raymon VD Biezen passed me and I finished 5th.

Disapointed, of course.

The French guy Joris Daudet, also riding on a Redline, was able to get on the box with a 3rd place. Congrats to him !

The next race for me will be the World Cup in Chula Vista; on one of the biggest tracks in the world.

But right now I am in vacation for a week !