yeah …had a nasty crash at NASS a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t ride well in my runs at all, so i thought i’d send something big to make up for it. i went for a quart to quart gap – about 30 foot apart. The distance wasn’t too scary. it was just  making sure i had enough speed for it with there only being a small quarter at the other end of the course. it was all down to pedal power. the first attempt i cleared it sound; just landed low ‘n got bucked off. then on the second attempt, i hooked up on the landing quarter and slid out. The third attempt i must of been tired and tried to fit an extra crank in, which didnt leave room to get set up right for take off. i left the ramp all over the place but there wasn’t much i could do about it by then. the video says it all.

I ended up with a dislocated shoulder joint. my collarbone dislocated at both ends, my ribs separated from my chest bone, got a broken rib and internal swelling on my chest cavity. i’m still waiting to hear from the NHS to see a shoulder specialist so he can figure out if i need my collarbone pinned down to my chest.

Things seem to be healing quickly so i can’t wait to get back on it.