BMX Plus magazine tested and reviewed the Redline MX20 bike recently. They go on to say “We love the MX 20 as a concept and in the execution. It looks more professional than previous years, with Flight-like graphics, as well as providing improved parts and geometry. The frame is designed to take a young rider through his first several years of racing, or an older rider through his first year or so of skill development. As the bike sits, it offers so many perks, like the 6061 aluminum frame with integrated head tube, Hollowpoint stem and Tioga Powerblock tires. We aren’t quite sure how they managed to hit the $399 mark, but their loss is your gain. So if you are getting your start in racing and don’t have a lot of money to spend, but are motivated and don’t want your budget to hold you back, this is the bike you need to be riding.” You can read the whole review here.