Amped Up After Twin Wins, Alise Jets to Twin Cities for First-Annual MS Race

June 4, 2010 by BMXNEWS.COM Editors 

Alise Post and Colleen Stark-Haws at the Race For The Cure at Pineview Park BMX

Alise Post had a pretty busy Memorial Day Weekend. Starting in her adoptive home of San Diego, she flew to Albequerque on Friday for the ABA Spring Nationals, captured two impressive Elite wins at Duke City BMX…then beat feet to ABQ airport after the Sunday Main, in order to grab a big bird to MSP, then the 80 mile roll to her home town of St. Cloud. Missed flights or leisurely strolls through the terminal were not an option, as the Redline star had an army of old friends waiting to greet her at a special race the following day. The First Annual “Race for the Cure” was organized by a core group of volunteers at Pineview Park BMX, Alise’s parents, Mark and Cheryl Post chief among them. The race would benefit the MS Society in hopes for an eventual cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

Alise has taken up this cause because it has affected someone very dear to her, namely Colleen Stark-Haws a gymnastics coach who was very influential in her gymnastics career and, as Cheryl Post told BMXNEWS, “helped Alise become the person she is today.”

BMXNEWS asked Alise to write a recap of the day, in her own words. We know all of you would much rather hear from her, than from us :)

Alise Post’s 1st Annual MS Race For The Cure was a SUCCESS!!!

By Alise Post

After collecting numerous donations and prizes, and accomplishing two big wins in Albequerque, NM, it was great to go back home to Minnesota on a high note to set the tone for yet another great success the next day…The MS Race For The Cure.

I just wanted to thank everyone for all of the support given to my first charity race that took place at my local track, Pineview Park BMX this past Memorial Day in St. Cloud, MN. It was an extremely successful event with over 200 riders attending the local, single points race. In the end, we raised almost $5,000 dollars to donate to the MS Society. Going into the event, we all agreed that if we raised even $1,000 we would consider the event a success. To turn around and earn five-times that amount was unbelievable, and I cannot find words to describe how thankful I am for all of the support in helping me give back.

Lemonade stands, corporate sponsors, individual donations, a huge raffle, and an amazing group of volunteers at Pineview Park BMX made this event possible. The raffle was the centerpiece of our fundraising efforts, which included some signed Redline jerseys I donated to the cause, as well as prizes and BMX memorabilia from all of my sponsors, local businesses, 2008 Olympians, and 2012 Olympic hopefuls. Thanks to the following for making this more successful than I had ever hoped:

Redline Bicycles, JBL/Harman,, Tangent Products, Oakley, Fly Racing, Lizard Skins, Rehbeins BMX, Mike’s Bikes of MN, Bernicks Pepsi, Cash Wise, Great Clips, Noodles & Co, Applebees, Erick’s Bike Shop, Monster, Swatch Watch, Anderson Trucking,

Pro BMX Memorabilia from:

Sam Willoughby, Maris Strombergs, Donny Robinson,Jason Carnes, Denzel Stein, Masa Sampei, Kyle Bennett, Nic Long, Corben Sharrah, Tyler Brown, Khalen Young, David Herman, Jared Graves, Randy Stumpfhauser

A little background: Joel and Colleen Stark-Haws were two of my gymnastics coaches at Tech High School. They helped my team to 4 consecutive 2nd Place Team finishes, and coached me to 3 consecutive Individual State titles as well.

Not only did they play a role in my gymnastics life, they soon brought their son Eli out to Pineview Park, and became avid racers and dedicated volunteers for many years. They mainly ran concessions, but also positively mentored many new racers just as they had mentored me.

Colleen and Joel continue to lead by example and naturally command respect by the way they live. They walk the walk, expecting you to rise to every challenge before you. Needless to say, they always inspire and challenge you to be the best you can be, not only as an athlete, but more importantly as a person. Less than 100% effort is never an option, and their standards are extremely high.

Colleen never complains about her difficult fight with MS, but she expects you to give your best, without complaint, in return. As EVERYONE who has ever met her and her family would say, “They are genuinely amazing and inspiring people”.

When introducing their story at the event, we were all overcome by emotion. My mom or dad could not make it through more than one line before losing it, and I was fighting back tears throughout my whole speech. These people have been like second parents to me, and with Colleen suffering a very progressive form of MS, the sooner we can find a cure, the better.

Colleen informed me that once a cure is found for MS, a whole slew of neurological diseases would also be cured. In the coming years, I hope to help all of those fighting these terrible diseases, so they do not have to suffer what Colleen did: going from walking and choreographing gymnastics routines, to sitting in a wheelchair, within the span of one year.

This event’s success encouraged me to make this an annual event, so everyone can look to participate in the Second Annual MS Race For The Cure, in 2011. Hopefully, we can blow this year’s total out of the water, and aid in finding a cure for MS and many other neurological diseases!

Thank you to all.


Alise Post

Some Photos from the first-annual MS Race For The Cure

Mark Post (Left) and Alise Post of Factory Redline welcome Colleen and Joel Stark-Haws at Pineview Park BMX

A big BMXNEWS congratulations to Alise and the rest of the event organizers for a job well done. Also, thanks to Alise for taking time out of her busy schedule to write this recap for us! We look forward to hearing more about the 2011 event!