I am just back from 2 races in France. The first one was in the South, 3rd & 4th rounds of the french cup. I felt very good during this race, had some nice 1st straight. I was also fast on tha track so I felt confident. On Saturday I made my first podium of the season, 3rd. On sunday I made it to the main once again. My gate was not that good, I was 3rd in the first turn. Sylvain Andre crashed in my back wheel : 3 spokes broken.. I couldn’t finish the race, 8th !

Then I went to Compiegne (North) for the European series. I felt very sick on Saturday and I had no power in quarter final. I couldn’t make it in the top 4. On sunday I fekt better. In the semi I had a very bad start ans couldn’t come back. I am on the 10th spot of the ranking for the moment.

Next races are a french cup in Tours, then the European championship in Prague.