By now, you should all know that MAY is the designated BIKE to WORK month; and this week is the Nationally celebrated “Bike to Work” Day. Most States declare it for Friday, while others celebrate it on Thursday. And among all of those projected millions of American workers who will be biking in to work is Redline Bicycles’ good friend, State Senator from Minnesota’s 48th district – Mike Jungbauer.

And he tells us he’ll be joing Minnesota’s masses this week aboard his RedlineConquest Pro.

“The Conquest has been one of the best bikes I have ever riden,” states Senator Jungbauer. “It is my rough-trail bike in the summer and my decent weather ride for the winter. I keep it at my Senate office much of the year. I will ride my Redline to work on Thursday for our Minnesota Bike to Work Day. It is 39 miles by car and probably 42 or more by bike routes. It will be fun!

Jungbauer, who became a fan of Redline during his BMX days as Team RiteChoice’s manger, has continued to lead by example when pushing for exercise and health initiatives in his state. “I ran 1,379 miles last year and rode about 1,700 miles – most of them on my Redline. I will be well beyond that this year; shooting for 2,000 miles running and riding about 3,000 miles. I will keep on advocating for bicycles and complete streets.”

You could say that he is one elected official who never stopped “running” after getting elected.
We hope you, your company and your fellow employees will join us this week – on Thursday or Friday (or BOTH!) for BIKE to WORK DAY.