Press Release:

Despite the bad weather forecast, Cam White’s 5th annual Hillside Dirtjam went off last night in Canberra, Australia. A big international rider line up made the trip to Australia for the event, including Hucker, Anthony Napolitan, James Foster and Brandon Dosch, they were joined by the regular Aussie crew consisting of former champ Dane Searls, Josh Stead, Cam Pianta and many more. New Zealand’s top dirt jumps Jed Mildon and Paul Langland also joined in.

Hucker and Dane had both won the event in the past, but on the night Hucker’s crazy riding prevailed, and he ended up scoring the ‘King Of The Hill’ title. Best Trick came down to Brandon Dosch with a transfer triple whip, Jed Mildon blasting a massive double flip on the big trick jump, and James Foster nailing a perfect whip to double whip back. In the end the votes were tied on James and Jed, so they both shared the winner’s cash. Best Style once again went to Aussie Josh Stead who was on a rampage all night.

Some other highlights included Hucker’s backflip cliffhanger and crazy corked 720’s over the big trick jump, Dane Searls’ super extended 360 super seatgrab indy, Brakeless Billy stomping a never before attempted transfer from the big trick jump lip over to the long and low landing and Paul Langland with a bunch of crazy superman variations.

The official highlights video will be dropping this week, and a 30 minute TV feature will also be produced for Fuel TV. Stay tuned to for all the action.