MFG #4 Steilacoom

What a day, we raced today in WA in the MFG Series #4 race that was also the Oregon/Washington Cross Clash. The idea is that the top 10 places from most of the races throughout the day get points. And at the end of the day the State with the most points wins the Grail, which is this cool keg/creatively decorated trophy. So we want to get as many people from WA in the top 10 to win the Grail. I have not seen the total yet but it looks pretty good that we got it based on the race results today.So the good part is that this race brings up some fast girls from Oregon and I am always happy when we have more women at the races. I knew today was going to be a fast course, almost a road race, and I knew I was going to have a hard time because I run a smaller big ring, and on most courses it is perfect but on this one there was a really long paved downhill and that for me was were I was loosing all my ground today.

I got a good start settling in behind Kari Studley and Jenni Geartner and stayed there for a bit to see how they were riding. We dropped the rest of the field pretty fast and the 3 of us road together for a couple laps. Kari got a little gap on Jenni and I and pulled away to a very big lead. Jenni and I rode together also for another couple laps and then I faded a bit on the uphill and the downhill section of the course. Not having a big enough gear to stay on Jenni’s wheel, I fell off the pace. I had a pretty gap over so I could settle in a bit. With 2 laps to go I took a corner pretty fast and skid my rear wheel and when I regained control my rear wheel started making some noise. So I rode it back to the pits and and got my "B" bike and off I went. I guess my rear skewer loosened up a bit so the wheel was not centered. I stayed on the "B" bike and kept on going.Then coming into the barriers I got off my bike and felt something in my ankle give a bit and felt some pain. I got back on and with one lap to go my ankle was hurting pretty bad. I keep it going and held onto 3rd place but had to go ice my ankle as soon as I finished. I was nervous that I had a stress fracture but I think now it is more muscle. So I limped back the truck and trailer and iced it and after some time it started getting better and I was able to walk on it without to much pain.

Now 9 hours later I am thing I can race tomorrow, I will see how it feels in the morning.We have the Seattle Series race tomorrow at Beverly Park in South Seattle. I will write an update on that race and my little injury tomorrow.

And I am writing this from our True North Trailer in the parking lot of Fire Station 62 in Federal Way (South King Fire). These guys are awesome, letting us use there showers and being so hospitable! I tell you being part of the "Fire family" is awesome, everyone really takes care of each other. It really is just one huge extended family.Thank you Station 62, you guys rock!!!Talk with you tomorrow!!