MFG #3 Lake Sammamish

Well this weekend was just awesome. It started with my son Holden competing in his first swim meet and really doing well and loving the sport and finding his competitive side. He got a 2nd place in the breast stroke so he was so excited. It is always the best feeling the in the world when your child does well in sports, to see their excitement and the joy of being such a proud parent!

Then Holden and I drove down to Sumner RV and picked up our new True North Trailer. What a great group of guys at Sumner RV! They are so very friendly and so very helpful. Thank you guys for all your help.

We loaded up the trailer with all the bikes and headed off to a wedding that my husband was one of the groom’s men in. A good friend of ours, a fellow fireman. What a beautiful wedding in the Sodo area in Seattle.

Then we drove to the Fred Meyer in Issaquah to break in the new trailer. Less than 7 hours after getting it we were setting up the bed and sleeping in it so that we could wake up close to the race site and not have to drive home and back. And boy was it awesome. We just pulled in, did some moving around of bikes and bags and we were sleeping away safe and sound in the trailer.

We woke up early and got some coffee and headed to Lake Sammamish State Park for the MFG race. We got there early so we could get a great spot to show off the trailer. And we did, right at the start line. We got the trailer all set up and boy was it awesome!! We had the tunes going, I was able to make lunch on the stove and had a place to change where I didn’t have to wrap a towel around my waste so no one would see me. I could go right inside the trailer and shut the door!!

This trailer has so many great features, I absolutely love it and it is everything we have always needed at the races. Really a great idea, and it works so great for what we do! So many people came by and checked it out and were so excited about it. I think we handed out like 20 brochures and answered a lot of questions.

Ok so the race, I was there to race even though I really just wanted to hang at the trailer! They did call ups and all the Elite Women got to be called up from the finish and was announced and we all road down to the start, very cool!! It was great to be recognized in front of everyone, great idea MFG!

So we rolled back down and the field was stacked again with all the super fast 1-2 women in our series. The gun went off and I tried to go for the whole shot but Lee Smith from Group Health got the lead and I jumped on her wheel. I passed her in a corner and took over the lead. I stayed in 1st for a couple laps but the super long run in the sand on the beach (so cool) took a bit out of me and Kari Studley was able to get around me. I stayed on her wheel for a couple laps matching her efforts but she pulled away a couple seconds each lap on me after the run. I just couldn’t get my legs to turn for about 100 yards once I got back on the bike out of the sand. So I fell off Kari’s wheel a bit, and couldn’t get it back. So I settled in and finished 2nd, with Ann Knapp coming in 3rd.

Overall a great race. A great course, it really was an awesome and fun course to ride. Very fast but fun.

Then I went over to the lake where there was Limited Hydroplane racing going on. I spent the first 5 years of my life every weekend at Hydroplane races. Both my mom and dad raced limited hydroplanes and my mom set the Guinness Book of world records in an unlimited hydroplane in 1977 for the fastest mile time at 163miles per hour. So I come from a pretty wild and crazy mom and dad that might explain some of my energy!! Anyways I got to see some people at the races that I played with when I was 5 and that I had not seen since then. It was so awesome and so many memories came back being in the pits and hearing the boats roar on the water. It was so cool that both the bike race and the boat races were happening in the park on the same day.

So what a crazy busy weekend but what an awesome weekend!! Chad finished 12th in the Master 1-2 men, a great race for him. Much better than last weekend. And Holden did awesome, doing 2 laps on the kid’s course and just rocking it! He said he could have done 2 more laps and he really liked the course.

Ok take care everyone sorry for the long post, just a lot of into to get out!