Justin Lindine has started his mountain bike season heading out from a snow storm in New England to the dry dusty conditions in Texas. Justin is at the Mellow Jonny classic in Austin, the kick-off event of the Pro XCT UCI mountain bike cross country season. Justin is on board the Redline D680 carbon and has made the transition from a terrific Cyclo-cross season to racing the fatter tires with the nations best mountain bike racers.

Saturday coverage:

62 elite pro mountain bikers ‘toed-the-line’ for the kick off of the MTB season. Just a hundred meters or so into the start, Justin had another racer get underneath his arm and flick him off the course and onto the rocky ground. Justin hit hard scraping up his whole left side. But Justin gets up, dusts himself off and proceeds to get back into the race going crazy to get up with the leaders. In doing all of this, Justin takes chances on lines, and ways to get around the other riders that lead to sharp rocks, and this leads to a sliced sidewall and a flat tire. Justin’s tires are tubeless, so he puts a tube in and rides it out, until another flat takes him totally out of contention.

Sunday coverage:

After visiting the hospital and getting the good news that his ribs were not broken, only bruised, a skinned up Justin Lindine took to the line on Sunday morning in the Category 1 open event and got 5th place. Yep, that is one tough Honey Badger, road rash and all, out there again, a day after being taken out.

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