Some pics – courtesy of our buddy Jerry Landrum /

Alise Post (USA-Redline) and Eva Thomas (France-Redline) blast elbow-to-elbow down the first straight.

After a minor crash in her first 1/4, Alise came back strong in the next two to move on in the show.

One of the many fast Redline riders from the Lyon~Dardilly DN-1 squad. Dig the yellow shoes.

Member of the Norway~Redline National team – goin’ BIG.


The Dutch army is out in force.

Throughout this years’ Supercross series, we will be seeing new obstacles that UCi will be trying out to see what works, and what would be cool to add to the Olympic track in London.  This box-jump – where you jump up on it and jump off, is straight out of a AMA supercross. It’s been a huge factor in the racing, and you can pretty much bet that you’ll see it in 2012.

Van den Wildenberg (#72) and  Jelle van Gorkum (#37) lead the charge of the Dutch invasion in Spain.

USA-Redline’s Denzel Stein was looking super strong in practice. Unfortunately – a hard crash in the first moto put an end to his weekend. We hope he’s OK.

The "Orange Crush" and Redline-Australia’s Sam WIlloughby (on the inside) dial in the track during practice. Sam looked sueper strong – scoring wins in all three of his 1/8ths.


Twan Van Gendt – one of the newest members of the Dutch-Redline team, will be amongst the youngest new comers to the UCi Supercross circuit.


 Joyce Seesing – one of the two women on the Dutch-Redline squad, airs it out bigtime in Spain.


Seesing – heir to the throne, shows her Latvian competition the fast line on the track.

The 3-story tall starting hill gets the riders up to speed. And with such huge gaps on these jumps, they’ll need all the speed they can get.

Spain’s top Elite Pro is now doin’ it on a Redline – mucho gracias to our new Spainish distributor!