I just got back into Greenville about a week and a half ago. Two days prior i was in the Lousiville Kentucky area doing some school shows with creative sports. We decided to go and have a sesh at the famous giant skatepark the second to last night. The place was real fun and definitely lived up to a lot of the expectations. I had always had for riding there. We shot some photos, and on the last photo i overshot a hip to flat; hurt my foot and tagged my chin off my bars. I couldn’t walk the next day but made my best attempt to hobble around and help the guys set up and take down ramps. When i got home to Greenville i found out i dislocated a bone in my foot. They gave me a shot, popped it back into place and the swelling went down a bunch the next day. The doctors told me i’d be out 6 weeks, but thanks to Trish Bair Grounds i got taped up and am back riding again aleady. I also threw in some pics from a jam at a local park back home.