By now you most likely heard of the tragic accident that took the life of BMX Olympian Kyle Bennett .

Kyle was a three time UCI world champion, three time NBL champion and the first Olympian chosen to represent the USA in Beijing China for the inaugural run of BMX in the Olympics.


On his bike there was no one smoother.  His style and speed earned him the moniker “Butter”, it fit.

He inspired.


Off the bike, his unassuming manner was both refreshing and approachable.  I do not doubt there thousands of pictures of him standing next to a young racer who looked up and admired him. These photo’s are a treasure now.

Again, he inspired.


The loss of an original like Kyle Bennett  is hard to believe and  accept. Heartfelt condolences go out to family and friends who are feeling a loss that is incomprehensible.


Funeral service

Kyle Bennett’s funeral will be held on Saturday October 20th, 2:00pm at The Ark Church in Conroe, TX. All of those whose lives were touched by Kyle are welcome to join us as we celebrate of his life. The burial will be reserved for family and close friends only. For more information about the service, please go here:


Donations for Kyle and his family

Kyle Bennett’s family is in need of our help in this time of tragic loss.  Donations of any amount that can help to lift any burden possible will be most beneficial to them. 

To make a contribution, Click the PayPal link below: