by Brandon Dosch

On  August 19th, 2015 I boarded a plane to compete in a BMX contest called Lords of Dirt (LOD) held in the south of France. Once I arrived to Montpellier I was shuttled to a small beach city called Serignan, that’s the city where the event was being hosted and also the camp that US riders were staying at for housing. As soon as I got dropped off at the camp with my baggage I immediately went through my check list to make sure everything made it in my bags. My bike, my clothes and shoes, and my fishing pole with a little bit of tackle all successfully made the trip. I was ready to explore my surrounding and get to the Dirt event for practice.

As soon as I arrived to the dirt jumps I was ecstatic, the jumps looked amazing. Patrick Guimez and Markus Hampl did an immaculate job creating a set of dirt jumps for an epic event. After signing my life away to ride these monsters, US riders were able to enjoy a nice practice session on the official first day of LOD. First practice finished up, so a group of us headed back to the camp which was located on a beach off of the Mediterranean Sea. We grabbed a good meal of Seafood pasta at a French restaurant that lead into a little fishing session since I had my equipment. We didn’t catch anything… tried for hours! That was my last time fishing on the trip.

The next day, the rest of the riders arrived and we all headed straight to the event to eat some food and get to our full day of practice. Everything went smooth, after shaking off a bit of jet lag and adjusting to the time I felt great on my bike. Then music to my ears happened and Patrick told us all that he reserved a Jet Ski session. We jumped in the shuttles and went straight to the Ocean. After we got all sorted with Skis we were ripping and racing out in the Mediterranean and enjoying one hell of an experience. As the evening rolls through and we head back to practice and all rode a few more laps. It started to die down because we all were beat from traveling the prior day and acquiring arm pumps from the Jet Skis. Headed back to camp to crash for the night while catching up with all my riding buddies and sharing stories.


LOD Qualifier & Final’s Day

After having such a fun and busy first two days I still felt full of energy for the contests. My stoke was high. I haven’t competed since Xgames, so this was exciting for me. Given the opportunity for a few hours of warm up I took advantage. Leading into qualifiers, I felt great but weather conditions were very windy with some sprinkles of rain. Those conditions didn’t stop anything, qualifiers began and the format was best run out of three. I believe there were 30+ riders competing for spots in the final. I completed all three runs with one being a score good enough for finals. There was a small break between, so Bart De Jong from FATBMX and myself took the time to do a bike check and go over photos that he took of myself riding in practice and the qualifier. Finals time, it was still windy but the crowd was stoked and so were the riders. The format for the final was best two runs averaged out of three. The final began and I did well with only a few mistakes. I finished 6th place and was happy with it considering the conditions and the line up of riders.

After the event was over and the live bands killed it, we all got a bite to eat and went to a little beach shack that served drinks and had a fun social evening with amazing people. Going into my last day in Serignan, I want to thank all the organizers for such an epic event! LOD is how dirt jump contests should be, everyone gets an opportunity to compete, and its all about fun. 


Whipping above Lords Of Dirt, photo @fatbmx

Road Trip To Barcelona

After LOD I was scrambling around for hours trying to figure out how I was going to get back to Montpellier. The question started flying around if a few of us wanted to take a trip to Barcelona? Absolutely! I’ve never been to Spain so why not take advantage of the opportunity. James Foster, Jaie Toohey, Anthony Napolitan, Nick Bruce, Nick “Cobra” Cooper and his friend Craig “Bluey” including myself rented two cars and blasted off to Barcelona.

Arriving in Barcelona just before sunrise we parked on the beach in front of the city and ripped our bikes out of the cars and started pedaling around the city in search of the dream spots that it held. Our first goal was to find the Sea Walls, a quarter mile of steep transition that lined the boardwalk of the beach. That first attempt was a fail, we didn’t find them but were able to hit a few skate parks and some dialed street spots. It was about 9:30am and we were all tired, so we rode back to the cars and slept on the beach until late afternoon. After waking up on a nude beach and getting some brunch in us, it was back to our search for the Sea Walls. Anthony communicated with Catfish who lives in Barcelona part of the year and he was able to give us somewhat of a good direction  to where the Walls are located.

We are off on our second excursion to find the Sea Wall spot. It took us about 15 minutes to find them after we passed the spot on the previous search. We were so close at one point, it was funny. Arriving at the spot and it was mind blowing. I have been watching my favorite pros ride this in videos for over a decade. Couldn’t believe I made it! Immediately we all just started ripping around the spot and catching big carves like it was a wave. Then we set up to shoot with the minimal equipment we were using, Go pros and iPhones.  I would have loved to have a professional document the situation but we had to work with what we had. Having a power hour session on them and everyone getting the media they wanted, we decided to catch a golden hour session at the Lapoma Bike Park. Getting to the trails we were all stoked because majority of our crew were dirt riders and Lapoma held many dirt lines for all disciplines. After we killed it at the Dirt Park, the crew headed back to the city so we could eat then get a hotel and sleep.


Barcelona Sea Walls. photo @jamesfosterbmx


Had a rad session @lapomabikepark today. ?? @redlinebicycles @albesbmx @alterabmx @divisiontattoo ? @anthonynapo

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  The last full day, some of the group split and headed back to France as a few of us remained in Spain to find some more legendary spots that the city held. Riding through the city on the way to spots and observing the architecture and culture was a sight of a lifetime. The monuments and buildings were mind blowing and fun to look at as well. Coming up on the famous roller spot with a rail hop at the end of it was a treat, a cool spot I could put my racing and street skills together. We rode that spot for awhile and got the clips that we wanted and moved on to ride around the city and do some more sight seeing. Ending my last full day before my departure back to America, we went and had a solid dinner and reminisced of an epic trip that none of us will ever forget.  

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