The Redline crew had a solid showing at the London Supercross/test event for the 2012 Olympic BMX track. After a solid London downpour of rain on practice day, things went on as planned after a bit of work courtesy of local track builders Clark and Kent scraping a ton of clay and having things ready for the second half of practice and time trials on Friday.

The time trial ‘Super Finals’ had Redline written all over them, both Magalie Pottier and Sam Wiloughby came through with wins. That’s not to discount the rest of the Redline crew who has an impressive showing throughout time trials transferring much of the squad to the actual BMX race on Saturday. On Saturday however, the weather had other plans… or maybe London was just being London? Miserable and rainy…. After a few hours of being postponed, the races went on. Not quite the normal routine, but much better than having a rain out.

With the 3 hour delay in play came changes to the rules. Rather than running 3 1/8th qualifiers for the Men and 3 1/4th qualifiers for the women, it would be one lap, no crap, cutting out half of the riders with every lap. Fortunately, the many of the Redline riders didn’t crap out and qualified into their quarters and semi’s for the women.

Once main event time came around, it was really anyones guess as to who could win. With Sam and Magalie riding solid throughout the weekend, the were both sure bets. Unfortunately in the end, both were edged out. Magalie settled for fourth after a battle with Sarah Walker and Lauren Reynolds. Being the lone female from the UK, Shanaze Reade was required to win, and did so.

In the elite men, Sam put up quite the fight for the winning spot. Coming off of the Redbull box, Sam made his move on New Zealand rider Marc Willers. For a brief moment, Sam had the taste of the top spot on his hands, but it quickly washed away with his momentum. In the do or die moment, Sam lost his track speed and bumped back a few positions into 6th place.