Hello All,


I wanted to start giving all my GREAT sponsors, supporters and future partners a bit more information and updates from all my events I will be attending over the next year. As I start my run (ride) to Olympic success.


I though what better time to start this then after the London Olympic test event, which was on this past weekend on the London Olympic track. Since the world championships in Copenhagen Denmark at the end of July I have been spending my time in Europe at the Dutch Olympic training centre preparing for the London test event. After a disappointing 4th place in many ways at the World Championships in Copenhagen. My coach Wade Bootes and I sat down and made a few adjustments to our training to get back on track and back to winning world cups again.


I went into the London test event feeling confident and like my old self again on the Super cross track. All through out practice I felt great, I had the very technical London track dialed in and was feeling confident and ready for Qualifying. The new format this year for qualifying at world cups is you do one time trial, if you make the top 16 in that time trial you go into what is called a Super Final were the top 16 run another time trial for points and the top qualifying spots. My first lap was a little sketchy down the first straight, I over shot a few jumps and lost some time. However I was surprised to see myself in 2nd at the end of it and only .004 of the lead. I knew I could take a good second of my time with a clean run in the super final. So thats what I aimed for, i rode a great super final lap knocking almost a second of my time and winning the time trial with a time of 42.625seconds.


After qualifying First on Friday I was feeling confident and more ready then I have all year come race day on Saturday.


During the warm up Saturday London showed us its true colors and a it down pored rain for a good 2-3 hours. This caused a huge delay to the program. Eventually the Sun came out and the track dried up and we ran a modified program with “1 lap no crap” transfers.

Which would mean we would run 1x eight final were the top 4 would transfer 1x quarter final were the top 4 would transfer and a semi final with the top 4 advancing to an 8 man main event.

I won all my rounds and advanced to the main event as the top qualifier. I didn’t get my best start in the final, I came out of the 1st turn in 2nd. I then made a move in turn 2 and over the box jump to put myself into the lead for a moment until a French rider from 3rd then came under me, and made a good move to push me almost of the track causing me to loose all my momentum and unfortunately go across the line in 6th. Which was really disappointing for how good I was feeling. On the bright side though it was a great race and really exciting to be apart of, so we will just call this one “Fuel for the Fire” and move onto the next one, knowing I can do the fastest lap on the Olympic track is great to know for next year.

My next race is ABA pro race in Kentucky then its on to the World Cup finals 20 minutes from my house in Chula Vista, San Diego.


Thank you all for all of your support and lets move on to the next one together now and make it a successful one!




Sam Willoughby