Checkout those calf muscles and the power he is putting down on the chain! Photo by K. Dave Bailey.


Logan Owen, out in front, on his last lap of the Seattle Cyclocross Series.


Redlines Logan Owen won the season opener of the Seattle Cyclo-cross series today on a flat, wind swept course at Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA. Gusts up to 40 miles per hour created havoc on the course tape, causing the riders to face the additional challenge of being blown around. A group of four racers stayed together till the last lap when Logan Owen punched it out of a couple of corners and got free of the other three riders. Logan came in about 10 seconds of National Masters racer Doug Reed and Pro Morgan Schmidt. It was a strange day with temperatures near 70 ‘at the start but then a strong south wind blew through with a small rain shower right behind. Riders were taking water feeds through the pits which may sound strange, but the dusty course and huge amounts of leaves and pine needles blowing around created a swirl of dirt and pine flying through the air. Despite a lingering cold, Logan stayed calm and collected as the race turned into a tactical battle.

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