Man…time flies when I’m out on the road with the factory squad.  Tour is always way more fun when the teammates come along.

The last two weekends we had ABA races in Albuquerque, NM and Roseville, CA.  On the way out of town I stopped up at Don Johle’s Bike World in Garland to build up a new ride.  I was lucky enough to get the first sample of the 2011 Flight frame and that thing is sexy!  Don Johle’s has been around forever and they’re a great Redline dealer!  Thanks for all the help guys!!  I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback on the new bike.  Peep the finished product:

From Don Johle’s, I met up with Denzel and we swung by DFW Airport to pick up our 7ft Aussie teammate, Josh Callan.  Josh comes over to train a little in the summer and I was stoked to have him and The People’s Champ on the road with me for a few weeks. 

First stop was Albuquerque, NM where they’ve done a major overhaul of the track since last year and coated it with about 10 layers of sealant.  The dirt is now white and rock-hard…almost like racing at a skatepark!  The racing went well and the team had some great results.

From there, Denzel, Josh and I jetted out toward the Grand Canyon.  Denzel had never seen it so we had to stop by.  Check the pic…I hiked out on that ledge but i definitely didn’t climb up on the rock like those bozos!  It was a shady trail going out there and after conquering it,  I wasn’t gonna press my luck!  I’ve got too many important things to do while I’m on this planet.

After an action-packed day at the Grand Canyon, we headed west to Cali for a busy week of BMX.  We shredded Stumpy’s house and Reedley NBL track, had a great RL Flight School at Metro BMX in Bakersfield, and a hot race weekend in Roseville.  It’s sad to see what little is left of Stumpy’s yard.  There are still some fun lines but he has leveled most of it, downgrading slowly in anticipation of his retirement at year’s end.  Ah, the memories!  It’s only a matter of time until there’s a rebuild I’m sure.  If you look closely you can see young William Stumpfhauser shredding on his pushy.

The Flight Schools have been booming and we had a ton of little grommies in Bakersfield.  They’re the future and off to a great start.  Thanks to Vince, Kris and everyone at Metro BMX for hosting the camp!

The next leg of the tour goes to Rockford, IL, a Redline Cup qualifier in Topeka, KS, then another ABA weekend in Salt Lake City with Flight Schools in Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado in between. 

Props to all my teammates for their great finishes lately, especially Sambo Willoughby, Alise Post, and Carly Dyar for their big wins.  Time for me to pick up the pace!  Good times fer sho!!!  See you down the road.  jc