Stage four of the seven stage TS Epic was disaster averted by Justin Lindine’s “heads up” on some equipment issues with help from various friends and supporters at the event. Today’s Enduro Stage had 5 timed Enduro -(downhill sections) that were held at the remote Galbraith Gap area. The total mileage for the day was 22 miles but only the 5 sections ( 8 miles) counted in the overall race. Justin noticed an equipment issue before the state and made a replacement to get through the day and then a broken chain slowed him while he fixed it with a KMC quick link. Hopefully getting these mechanicals out of the way today will bode well for tomorrows RB Winters state park 30 mile cross county stage. Justin is in good spirits and is still in the lead with a comfortable margin, he’s very happy to have caught the issues before hitting the race sections.