So I know it’s been forever and a decade since I last updated you on my life story and you’re just DYING to catch up with the life of alise post….(or at least that’s what I tell myself =] ) 

Since Lancaster, I have only had one race out in Florida..the Disney Cup. I chose not to blog about it and only give brief updates over my status due to the fact that a few words of frustration might have came out. I rode really well out in Florida, but due to bad form in my gates I was having a hard time getting to the front of the pack in the start. I ended up with a 4th, 3rd, and a 2nd over the weekend, with each day having some crazy event keeping me out of the lead spot. But that was over a month ago, and we’re just going to forget that race ever happened…okay deal.

After missing every aspect of the Halloween holiday I headed back to San Diego for a few weeks at school. I finally had two weekends in a row to do whatever I wanted. One weekend brought me up to the cabin with some friends while the next weekend was one of my few this year spent on campus. It was a good  time getting to relax with some friends while getting ready for the ABA Grands. 

However, on the riding end of things I got a little bummed. About a week and half ago I crashed on the ABA track at the OTC and have been having swelling and pain in my leg/hip/right side/butt area ever since. I have gone to acupuncture and treatment religiously but it is still bugging me and for the most part has kept me off my bike until this two days ago. Kind of scary going into the grands… I am praying the guys upstairs just thought I needed a break heading into the grands….

Then last friday I flew home early from school to have a few days at home before I made the annual road trip to the grands. I had a good time back home, caught up with a bunch of friends and finally got to see my darling little nieces…who seem to be quite the bike mechanics nowadays sam tells me….


But of course they do girly things like bake brownies as well. =}