Went to Kamloops ABA Canadian National (Rounds 2 and 3) this weekend.

Saturday morning started off way to early for me, since I had my graduation dinner/dance on Friday night and I ended up going to bed at 1am and got up at 5am to drive the 3 hours to Kamloops.  Felt pretty tired as I tore up the dance floor the night before! haha!

We got into Kamloops an hour before practice, pounded down a booster juice and quesadilla and I was ready to go. The track wasn’t to my liking – with short straights and loose, unbanked turns, small jumps and a super slow gate. Nevertheless, I felt good in practice and won all of my motos, which gave me lane 1 for the main – which in turn, helped give me the win.

That afternoon I was so tired, I passed out by 8:30pm.  Woke up Sunday morning ready to feel the usual burn but actually felt pretty refreshed and ready to go.  I won all my motos again and chose lane 1 in the main and won once again.

Felt really good all weekend and I am pumped at how my training is progressing leading up to the Worlds.  

Next up for me is Salt Lake. I won’t be in Rockford because of a 3 day Chemistry exam I have to kill!  

See you in Utah!