On Saturday Justin Lindine went into the final stage of the TS Epic ready to “seal the deal” and make sure he maintained his 15 minute lead.  Little did Justin know that racing steady would lead to another stage win.  Justin’s fellow competitor Sam Koerber was pushing it all the way, wanting to earn another stage win too,  but as fate would have it, Sam was pushing it just a little too hard.  Just 6 miles toward the end of the days 26 mile cross country race Sam caught a pedal in a corner and went down.  At the time, Sam was 30 seconds up the road but Justin’s was in “race mode” at this point, and he motored all the way to the finish and won the stage by 1:28.  Justin won 5 of the seven stages and had a sixteen minute nineteen second margin of victory at the end of seven days of great racing. The other noteworthy item to mention is that Justin raced a Redline D680 hardtail 29’r  on a course with many challenging enduro sections.  

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